10 Best Legal Apps for Indian Lawyers in 2021

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Legal apps are always a tool to increase productivity for lawyers. In this digital era when every department of life is transformed by the digital revolution, the layers also get a benefit from this. That’s why we compiled a list of some best legal apps which can really help Indian lawyers.

1) Lawyer Diary:

To be honest, The Lawyer Diary App is the perfect combination of a digital diary and a personal assistant.

Top features :

  • –       Send periodic updates about the case’s status.
  • –       Create reminders and manage notes
  • –       Cases are pre-notified.
  • –       Free SMS services for cases on the cause lists

2) Indian Laws:

This app includes the Indian Penal Codes as well as the Constitutional laws.

The top features are:

  • –       The App includes a search bar for referring to applicable law.
  • –       Saves time searching through books/bare acts for sections and articles.

3) Indian Bare Acts:

By not having to carry a large law book around, you can save time.

  • –       It contains the IPC, CrPC, Indian Evidence Act, CPC, and Service Tax law.
  • –       Detailed information of chapters/sections of bare acts.
  • –       Points can be highlighted with the highlight feature.


4) Online RTI:

Top Features are:

  • –        you can file your RTIs right from your mobile device.
  • –        It comes with a secured payment gateway.
  • –        One can track the status of your application also with this app.


5) Lawyers Club India:

This is another best android app for Indian lawyers

  • –       As you can receive legal news and updates, with this app. In addition, you can also have your legal queries answered by your fellow lawyers.
  • –       it also gives access to the articles that are related to current affairs.
  • –        it also allows you to share your legal files with others, converse with other lawyers through a messaging platform.

6) ScheduLAWyer:

Just like the Lawyer Diary app (described above), this app will work as your work diary.

–        you can stay organized with your appointment schedules, dates, as well as with your case-related information.

–       will help you eliminate the need for maintaining a physical diary at home.

–       will send you notifications and/or reminders whenever it’s time for it.


7) Legal Research:

  • help the users create their advocate profiles and search the case law journals.
  • It has an advanced search option, which makes your searching process much easier than ever.
  • One can perform a Case Voice search to find the E-judgments with the help of keywords.


8) Live Law:

–       Keeps you updated with the legal news covers news on the following areas:

Indian Courts, Judgments, Lawyers, Law Firms, Law Schools, and Legal Development.


9) IPC – Indian Penal Code:

The latest version of the application is giving the user a good source of reference to Indian lawyers, as well as law students.


10) CrPC – Code of Criminal Procedure:

This application provides the Code of Criminal Procedure in a friendly UI

–       The daily notifications, judgments, as well as news features of the app will make it easy to better understand various sections.

Final Words:

As you can see we mentioned the 10 best apps for Indian lawyers above & their major features. If you are a lawyer & then we highly recommend you to explore these apps & enhance your productivity. If you have any other suggestions then kindly let me know.

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