Get Coin Master Free Spins (Daily Links December 2022) – Tips, Tricks & FAQs

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Coin master free Spins are the lifelines for the players. As the game’s name suggests, it needs coins or spins to progress. A player has to learn to master the spin collection. Here, we have placed up-to-date and valid free spins for you. We have made it easy for players to find relevant spins for their game.

We know that this game is very addictive and popular. That is why we have catered for all of your issues related to spins. You are so desperate to play the game at times but don’t have enough spins to play further. This is the business model of the game developers to sell you the coins or spins. The current rate of 30 spins is $1.99 in the US.

It looks like you are in a mess now. Not really. Just click on the provided links for free spins of Coin Master. Hurrah!

Do you know that you can get free spins through several means? Not only will it save your money, but it also will help you to progress in the game as quickly as possible. These methods are not like a hard nut to crack. You have to follow certain instructions to get Coin Master free spins.

get coin master free spins

You can solve complex riddles of the game and can build your empire with plenty of free spins. Here, you will learn all the techniques and tricks to get free spins. You will not face the problem of running out of the spins after this. You will master the tip to get extra spins here. Just go through this article and explore ways to find free spins. Visit these links to get your free spins.

Coin Master Free Spins For Decemeber 8, 9 & 10:

DateNumber of Free Spins (Coin Master)Free Spin Links
January 6, 202225 Spins
January 6, 202210 Spins and 1 Million Coins
January 6, 20223 Million Coins
January 5, 202225 Spins
January 5, 20223 Million Coins
DateNumber of Free Spins (Coin Master)Free Spin Links
08-12-202125 Coins, Spins
08-12-202125 Coins, Spins
09-12-202125 Coins, Spins
09-12-20213 Million Coins
10-12-202125 Coins, Spins
10-12-202125 Spins
10-12-202110 Spins & 3 Million Coins

10 Ways to Get Extra Coin Master Free Spins:

Apart from links, there are other methods to get free spins as well. These methods are listed here in detail.

1) By Following Coin Master on Social Media Accounts:

The developer of this amazing game, Moon Active, posts a number of links to follow in order to get coin master free spins. They post on their social media accounts every day about free spins. These spins are updated and valid as well. So, do follow their social media accounts. Also, pin their notification on your device in order to stay ahead of the tide. You can follow them on Facebook & Twitter. In that way, your inflow of free spins will be streamlined. You will enjoy the game without any disruption.

2) By Email Giftys upon Sign Up:

It is another great way of getting free spins. Upon signing up for free gifts, you will be eligible to get a handful of free spins daily. You just have to tap and follow a single link provided on your device. Another good reason for using this method is that it is safe and secure. We have not encountered any spamming issues via this medium. Isn’t it a quick and easy method of getting some valuable free spins to play the game with authority and charge? It is for sure.

3) By Inviting Friends:

Referring to a friend has always been a traditional way of disbursing gifts or coins by developers. Moon Active also does this and gives you 40 free spins of coin master if your friend joins Coin Master via Facebook. That is great. Isn’t it? Surprisingly, your friends do not have the compulsion of playing the game. They just have to download it and sign in using their Facebook account. You will get free spins afterward. This is not it. Your friends can play a key role in sending you more free spins for coin master. Want to know, How? See the next topic, please.

4) By Requesting Spins as Gifts from Friends:

Actually, it is a method used by companies to develop a huge gaming community. You need at least 100 active friends in order to get 100 free spins as gifts from them. Each one of them can send 1 free spin to you as a gift. You can do vice versa. Sometimes, getting 100 gaming friends is a bit difficult. I recommend you to join Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit gaming communities or groups. You will find a lot of people there willing to play the game with you. How good is that? You are making friends and enjoying the game as well. It seems nice.

5) By Watching Video Ads:

That is a very common method of getting Coin Master free spin. Just scroll to the slot machine and click on the spin energy option situated at the bottom right of the screen. You will see a video ad displayed. Just watch it and earn some extra free spins. These free spins will be in limited numbers. There is a possibility that you will not be able to see this option sometime. It means that you are no longer able to get spins through this option. 

6) Get Free Spins of Coin Master By Spinning:

This is one of my favorite methods of getting free spins. There is a condition of getting free spins using this method. First, you have to obtain three spin energy symbols in a row. Once you get this, you can get a ton of Coin Master free spins by spinning. If you are a smart player then pick up a chain of them. Now, you will not run out of free spins for ages. I would say that this option is well suited for the pro players because they know really well how to get spin energy symbols.

7) By Upgrading Your Village to Next Level:

Just like spinning, it is another great way of getting some extra free spins. You will get a bunch of Coin Master free spins but just level up your village. There is an issue that you have to spend a significant amount of gold in order to buy new land, buildings, and improved structures. It means that it will cost a lot of spins as well. Eventually, you will free spins.

8) By participating in the Events:

Here comes another interesting method of getting Coin Master free spins. It is a norm that at least one event will be running in Coin Master. This event can give you a burst of free spins. If you see on your screen, you will see a button at the top right with three horizontal lines. It is a sign of an ongoing event. After tapping on it, you will see a number of available events with different dividends and offers. You can take certain benefits from these events and can also increase the number of free spins as well. 

9) By Daily Bonus Wheel:

This is another great way of getting free coin master links. Do not forget to spin the daily bonus wheel. It is available every 24 hours after spin. Bonus wheel gives coins or spins in millions and billions on a daily basis. 

10) By Waiting:

It looks weird. Isn’t it? Yes, and it can be beneficial for you. It is a policy that you will get 5 free spins after every one hour. Furthermore, you can hold only 50 free spins at one time. That means having more than 50 spins would be of no value. Therefore, I recommend you to visit your Coin Master stats to know your number of spins and spend them well. There will be a chance of earning more.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions About Free Spins)

Q1: What is the expiry limit of free spins links?

Ans: As we know that the coin master daily free links are being posted on the official social media accounts. Therefore, there must be a limit to these spins links. Every original link expires within three days of its release. 

Q2: How many free spins on coin master will you get by playing events?

Ans: There is not a specific number of spins you will get after playing an event. You can get 50, 60, 100, 200, or 400. It all depends upon the type of the event and your player level as well. 

Q3: Are links claiming 400-800 spins real?

Ans:  No. It is clear that free spins on coin master do not give that many free spins in one go. Most prominently, these kinds of links are not real. 

Q4: What is the price of a village in Coin Master?

Ans: Every village has different values. Its cost changes with the type of the village. The very first village cost around 3 million coins. There are some with the cost of 2-4 trillion coins as well. 

Q5: How can I win spins in Coin Master?

Ans: In my opinion, the best method is to play the available events. You can play and win multiple missions. The reward contains the coins or spins often. If you play these missions wisely, you can extract more free spins. 

Q6: Is Hacking Coins Master okay or not?

Ans: I will not recommend you to use the hacked version of the game. There are two main reasons for that. One is that your security will be compromised as you do not know about the source of the software. Secondly, your account will be banned permanently in case Coin Master finds out about your account. So we suggest you work hard to get coin master free spins & coins.

Q7: How can I get free Coin Master spins links in 2022?

Ans: Well, I am working on the research about the new methods and techniques to find more free spins. Just share your thoughts and tactics in the comment section. We will explore new ideas with each other. 

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