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Dragon city mod Apk is one of the most played social network games. This game is initially launched for playing on Facebook in 2012. In 2013 social point (Publisher of this game) released the most awaited version of this game for android platforms.
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Dragon city mod Apk is one of the most played social network games. This game is initially launched for playing on Facebook in 2012. In 2013 social point (Publisher of this game) released the most awaited version of this game for android platforms. This game is all about raising and training dragons. In late 2012 Dragon City ranked second on the Facebook gaming list by breaking all records of popularity.

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When you start playing the Dragon City mod Apk 2021 game, you have to build a dragon city and raise your dragon city dragons. When you got your dragons, then you can get engaged in combats with other players.  One of the most exciting features of the game is collecting over 600 dragons. You can quickly become a top collecter of the game after achieving a milestone of that 600 dragons.

dragon city apk

Dragon City MOD APK 2021 Latest Version


App NameDragon City Apk
Version10.0 June 2020
Size104 MB
Update1 Day ago

Main Features of Dragon City MOD Apk

  1. In dragon city apk mod, there are more than 100 different dragons available.
  2. Many new adventures are waiting for you every week in dragon city.
  3. Build a city with magical buildings.
  4. Players can compete with each other with the help of dragons.
  5. Breed and combine ten types of dragons (Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend, and Pure) and obtain new and more powerful hybrids!.
  6. An unlimited number of missions full of fun and challenges.
  7. You can compete and play with your friends, visit their territory and exchange some gifts with them.

After reading the above features, you can get an idea of how much fun it is to play this game! Enjoy the ride with your Dragons.

What’s new in Dragon City Mod Apk?

Some of the new players of this game find it challenging to collect new dragons and claiming warriors’ chests in the battle. So here in this Dragon City gameplay, you can get some premium and unlocked features that are not available in the original version.

  1. Collect new dragons every week.
  2. Raise your dragons with different skins.
  3. Dragon City mod apk Breeding of 1000 dragons.
  4. Battle with other dragons in the battle arena.
  5. Win the warrior’s chest by beating other players.
  6. Unlimited food for your dragons. Keep feeding them.
  7. Unlock the Ancient Dragon world and build dragon towers.
  8. Dragon City update.

Now, after getting these unlocked features, you can easily compete with other players. Undoubtedly, you can feed your dragons with a lot of food and train them hard to get into the battle with your enemies. Now you can also use the new elements like pure, nature, legend action and dragons of fire, etc.

Some facts of Dragon City Game

Like any other outstanding game, Dragon City also has a competitive environment. Some sources say that there are about 80 million players are competing with each other to get the title of great dragon master. Getting that title is not as easy as most players think because we have to train our dragons hard for this achievement.

We suggest you build your city and expand your territory to valleys and mountains. Start breeding and feeding baby dragons. Raise a fire dragon so you can beat your opponents in the town. Also, try to raise some rare dragons because they will help you to get your title in the future.

Overview of Dragon City MOD Apk:

The following are some essential aspects of Dragon City.


In this game, we have eight essential elements Nature, Sea, Flame, Electric, Terra, Ice, Dark, and Metal. First, you can get some rare dragons, and then you can breed a legendary type of dragon.


The game has earning system in gold. Your dragons will earn you Gold. As fast you get to high levels of the game, your Gold will increase.


To raise your dragons, you must have to feed them. There are three types of food farms in this game Food Farm, Big Food Farm, and the Huge Food Farm. You can grow food on these farms by spending Gold.


Gems are necessary to get things done in the  Dragon City. You buy Gems by spending real money, but we don’t recommend that. The followings are some secure methods to collect Gems.

  1. Whenever you increase your level, you will get one Gem.
  2. You can also collect gems and Gold by fighting in a Dragon Stadium.
  3. Fight with other dragon players by participating in the Dragon league tournament, and you will get a lot of gems after winning the fight.
  4. Monday Reward


There are different types of buildings in the dragon city like Food Farms, Temples, Ultra breeding tree, Dragon Stadium, and Breeding mountain.

Expanding Territory:

Once you have many dragons, then you need an expansion of the area and some other islands. Some initial developments will cost you nothing, but after that, you have to spend Gold/Gems on expanding.


How to Install Dragon City MOD Apk on Android?

In this paragraph, We are going to discuss the installation process. Installation of dragon city Apk on android platforms is straightforward. We prepared a short installation guide for you. Therefore, just follow the steps and catch the dragons on your android phone.

  1. Click on the download button given below.
  2. That link will redirect you to the actual download page.
  3. After that, Download the apk file.
  4. Go to the setting of your android phone and follow these steps. “Setting”>Security>Unknown Sources> Click Allow.
  5. Now open the apk file from the download section of the phone and install it.
  6. It will take a few minutes to install, and you’re all done, Enjoy the game.


1: How do you breed on Dragon City?

Dragon city breeding is possible when you are at least at level 4. After that, you have to build a breeding mountain or tree. After completing the previous two steps in-game, you can select the dragon of your choice for breeding.

2:Which is the strongest dragon in Dragon City?

Famous Origin Dragon is the most significant and strongest dragon in Dragon City.

3:What is the Dragon City Breeding?

Dragon city breeding is a process of feeding and breeding of baby dragons. Initially,  We collect small dragons in the starting levels of the game. We buy food and some other items for these baby dragons and feed them. In that way, your small dragons become young and influential. Only healthy and well-bred dragons can help you in the fight with your rival dragon masters.

4: How can I get Gems and Rewards?

Usually, We can collect gems and rewards by feeding our dragons. When these dragons become more muscular, then we fought battles with other dragon masters, which also adds a lot of Gems in our money section.

In Dragon City Apk, you can unlock advanced features of Gems and rewards soon.

5: Is Dragon City Apk is safe?

Yes, It is safe to play on your smartphones. According to our research, no such evidence was found that makes this Apk unsafe.

Final Words:

In the end, We want to say that you can quickly get rewards, and food by playing this Dragon City APK 2020 version. We tried our best to explain each critical detail of this game so you can install and play it easily.

Kindly let us know that if you have any valuable suggestions for us. In conclusion, share this article with your friends and relatives so they can also enjoy this fantastic game.

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