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Geometry Dash APK is a mobile game based on a rhythm running theme. The game was released on the market in 2013 and was created and published by RobTop. Aside from the featured maps, there are many other features such as the ability to edit the levels, a level editor, and users’ own levels.

The main gameplay of this game is really simple. There is no need to complete the previous level in order to proceed to the next. In each subsequent level, however, the game becomes more difficult to play.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”25″]Features of Geometry Dash Apk:[/su_heading]

Here are some amazing features of this game.

  • Customize your character with new icons and colors!
  • Spin gravity, fly rockets, and do so much more!
  • Lots of accomplishments and rewards!
  • There are no in-app purchases. Enjoy everything for free!
  • You can create levels that you can share with others using the level editor!
  • You can sharpen your skills by using practice mode!
  •  Rhythm-based action platforming!
  • There are tons of levels with unique soundtracks!
  •  Push yourself to the limit!

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”25″]Game Play of Geometry Dash Apk:[/su_heading]

Geometry Dash is a simple one-touch game with tons of levels that will entertain you for hours. The gameplay of geometry dash is really simple but addictive.

In addition, there is a feature called custom levels. Players can build their own custom levels here. The geometry dash APK 2021 build-in custom level mode is also available to other players.

The practice mode for each level allows you to practice before beginning the games. Warming up your fingers and preparing yourself mentally for a preferred level are two benefits of the practice mode.

Fly and jump your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer. Geometry dash apk ios is also available for iPhone users.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”25″]Download Geometry Dash Free:[/su_heading]

Just download this game & Prepare yourself for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. As soon you will download it & start playing it you will get addicted.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: Is Geometry Dash APK Free on Mobile and PC?

Ans: Yes, Geometry Dash is a full version game available for free on your mobile (android/iOS) & PC.

Q2: Is Geometry Dash available on Nintendo Switch?

Ans: Unfortunately, this game is not available on Nintendo Switch due to some technical reasons. However, different sources are saying it will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Q3: Is Geometry Dash is a hard game?

Ans: Geometry Dash is indeed a hard game if you are a short-tempered person. However, if you got some strong nerves then you can easily play this game.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-dark” size=”25″]Wrapping Up:[/su_heading]

Now you know all about Geometry Dash APK for Android and Windows. Download and install it.  Play the game and find out why it has gained so much popularity.

If you need any further assistance regarding this game then kindly contact us so we can help you out.


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