How To Install APK Files On PC – Android apps running on Windows

Apk files are mostly used for the Android operating system. We can open APK files on many platforms, but they are mainly used in Android smartphones. When you download an app from the play store, it automatically installed on your phone. However, if you download an APK file (Android app) from any external sources, you must install it manually.

How To Install Apk Files On PC?

There are many ways to install APK files on the PC. You can open an APK file in pc by using Android studio, blue stack, or other android emulators. Now we are going to discuss that how to install APK files on PC (Different windows version)

How to install APk files on PC

1)Install Apk Files using Android Emulators:

Android emulators are widely used for creating virtual android phone on a PC. By using emulators, we can install any android apps on our pc. There are several android emulators in the market but the blue stack is OK.

Blue Stack:

Blue Stack is one of the finest android emulators and apk file opener for pc. It is highly used across the world. You can run multiple android apps on this emulator without facing any significant issue. Here are some simple steps for using a blue stack on your PC.

  1. First of all, download the blue stack form their official website.
  2. Install it in your PC and open the software.
  3. Sign in using your Google account.
  4.  After that, open play store in the blue stack and download your favorite apps in it.

The user interface of the blue stack is just like and android tablet. While using apps in the blue stack, you will forget for a minute that you are running it on your pc. Sometimes it well gets hanged during app installation. To run apks on windows, a blue stack is the right choice.

2)Install Apk Files using Android SDK:

This is a direct method of installing and running android apps on PC. The android software development kit (SDK) is used in this method. To install apps in this way, you need the latest version of java and SDK installed on your PC.

You can download both of them from their official pages. First of all, open the command-line tool from the bottom of the android studio. After that, follow these steps to complete the process.

  1. Download the package to your computer.
  2. Extract it to your C drive of a PC.
  3. Now open the control panel of PC and go to Control Panel> System> Advanced system setting.
  4. Select the environment variable and set the path.
  5. Edit the path and paste the following code there.
  6. ‘C:\Android\sdk\tools;C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools.’

After completing the above steps, you can now open a virtual android phone by clicking the APK file. In start SDK and the app will take some time before opening, but it will be fine after some time. Now with this method, you can run apk on pc efficiently.

How to Open an APK file on Android?

Mostly we download the android apps directly from the play store, and our smartphones automatically handle the APK files in the backend. However, the installation of APK files outside the play store requires special permission from smartphones.

Kindly follow these simple steps to install the APK file on Android.

  1. Open the settings of your android smartphone.
  2. Open Apps & Notifications and then click on Advanced. 
  3. Click on Special app access and click on install unknown apps.
  4. Allow this option so you can easily install APK files in Android.
  5. All done, Now download the APK files and install them.

Final Words:

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