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Rise of kingdom mod apk is outstanding for its strategies and technique-style gameplay. You will feel that you live in an ancient setting, and your brain will start thinking like a king who has to defend his territory against an invasion.
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The rise and fall of the kingdom have always been an interesting genre for filmmakers and game developers. We all are interested in the history of the emergence and downfall of empires. Considering this fact, the developers have created an exceptionally impressive Age of Empire game. In my opinion, it is one of the best such games available in the market.

Rise of kingdoms mod apk is outstanding for its strategies and technique style gameplay. You will feel that you live in an ancient setting, and your brain will start thinking like a king who has to defend his territory against an invasion. The tasks and benchmarks are so interesting that a player gets involved in them addictively. This is a sign of the success of this game. In the free version of the game, you cannot enjoy all the aspects and modes of this game.

For this reason, we have provided here the mod version of Rising of Kingdom Mod Apk. Click on the download button to have this amazing game on your device. Here, we will discuss some amazing features of this game. So, you will get a clear insight into this game before playing it on your device.

Gameplay of Rise of Kingdoms MOD Apk:

Rise of Kingdom mod APk contains more than 40 new maps with proper navigation. Also, all the civilizations are available, including their different structures, buildings, and units. The strategies are enhanced, and the levels of difficulty are increased. Modern and advanced Artificial Intelligence-based opponents and enemies are here to challenge your war and strategic skills.

Additional features such as weather effects brand new units containing submarines, stealth bombers with different game modes are available. Another striking feature of this game is its “deathmatch,” You have to battle against up to 30 enemies on broad maps. As the name suggests, rise of kingdoms mod apk is made in such a way to give you a feel of the ancient world. In the game, you have to mobilize and train the peasants and masses to fight your character as a leader is tested in this game.

You cannot start training them straight away. First, you have to provide all the resources in place. For example, you have to build important infrastructure, buildings, houses, barracks, and much more. After this, you have to advance to build new educational institutes, official buildings, and roads. In addition to that, you can build new middle-aged tech buildings such as weapon factories, wood workshops, and gambling houses.

After that, the proper training of the soldiers starts to prepare them for the battle against harsh enemies. You can get modern weaponry such as tanks, missiles, and bombs upon reaching high levels. The end of the game comes when on king conquers the whole map or runs out of time. Another beautiful thing about this game is blackout due to fog. That allows you to save your territory from the potential threat of the enemies. Also, it reduces the visibility by 50% that challenges the building of new towers.

Some Key Features of Rise of Kingdoms MOD Apk:

  1. Evolution of the Game:

The game is amazing in evolving once you move from one level to another. As the game progresses, the changes and new opportunities come for players to explore and expand. You can attain more territory to defend it from invaders. Every level contains different kinds of tasks and maps—the class of difficulty increases as you go further to the top.

  1. Cross-Platform MMORTS:

In my opinion, this is one of the great features of Rise of Kingdoms mod Apk because it allows users and players from different platforms to play it. It can be played on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Facebook. You can send resources to other players and create real-time interaction.

  1. Empire Building:

The main crux of this game is to build your kingdom. It should be prosperous in resources. For that matter, you have to ensure a better economy, robust military, and vibrant political structure. You have to think like a ruler and ensure all the requirements of a better state. Failing to do so will leave you in shambles. You will constantly challenge by another player trying to build his empire.

  1. Tactical Battle and Strategic Combat:

This is a great striking feature of this game. You have to build strong armed forces to win battles and expand your territories. Infantry, archery, artillery, and all other army branches should be equipped with modern weapons. They must be trained on the contemporary lines. You can create different units having unique features and capabilities. In combat, you have to play every card with strategic thinking. War tactics hold the cardinal role in conquering territories in this game.

  1. Defeating the enemies:

This is a very satisfying feeling when you beat your enemies. You can launch attacks on rival kingdoms. For this purpose, you must dismantle their towers first, and then you can breach into their territories with your infantry. You can create alliances as well.

  1. Alliance Building:

You can create an alliance upon completing the first five levels of this game. You will be able to exchange resources with other players in their alliance. In other words, you can share knowledge and help each other get good results. You can get benefits such as XP during combat through your alliance that can increase the speed of unit formation. Your diplomacy can play a great role in capturing rival cities.

  1. Conquering New Territories:

You can conquer new lands from level 1 to level 9 by mining enough stones. To develop and expand your territory, you must mine stones for construction. You can send these stones to NPC lords assigned the duty to expand their kingdoms by capturing new lands. This will ultimately increase your kingdom’s land.

  1. Upgradation of Cities:

To remain in the competition, you have to modernize your cities. In this respect, you have to build various resource-producing facilities such as a woodcutter’s hut, stone quarry, and others. Furthermore, you have to build a strong defense of your territory. Well-guarded and protected cities are necessary for a stable rule.

  1. Establishing Trade Routes:

This is another important step to strengthen the economy of your kingdom. These trade routes can be built between cities and NPC towns. You will provide them with food and resources in return. It is a give and take.

  1. New Technology Research:

This is the most advanced feature of this amazing game. You can research new and advanced weaponry, defense, and resource technology. This will help you create a formidable army might and improve the overall well-being of your kingdom as well.


How to get the rise of  kingdoms mod?

You can download it from the play store. I recommend you to download from the link given here. Just install and allow the installation from Unknown resources in the setting.

Is this game is available on multiple platforms?

Yeah! rise of kingdoms apk is available on almost all the major gaming platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Facebook.

Is it okay for kids to play?

Definitely. It is just like any other war game kids play nowadays. Just take care about the number of times kids spend on the game. It is addictive in its nature so keep that check on them.

Rise of Kingdoms APk is better?

Yeah. This version is very good because of its unlimited resources such as food, material, gold, and stones. You do not have to struggle much to wait for long videos and time to get to the next level.

What is its rating on the Play Store?

At play store, this game has amazingly good reviews of averaging 4.5. This shows that the players are very happy with this game and its overall experience.


In this article, we have discussed the general characteristic of the Rise of Kingdoms mod apk. Additionally, we have briefly touched on the game’s key features. After that, I have enlisted the modded features of the game. This will add to your understanding of this game. If you want to play this amazing game, click on the download button here and start building your kingdom.

What's new

MOD Features:

  1. Unlimited amount of Gold
  2. Access to Unlimited Stone
  3. Unlimited Oil Resources
  4. Unlimited Food
  5. Unlimited Wood material
  6. Enabled Technology
  7. Unlocked Civilizations


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