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If you’re an Android developer, you know how important it is to test your apps before releasing them to the public. Not only do you want to ensure that they’re stable and free of bugs, but you also want to ensure that they’re compatible with a wide range of devices. That’s where Testerup comes in.

Testerup is a cloud-based testing platform that allows you to test your Android apps on various real-world devices. With Testerup, you can be confident that your app will work on all your users’ devices.

How Testerup Works:

Testerup is very simple to use. Just upload your APK file to the Testerup website and select the devices you want to test. Testerup will then provision a virtual device for each selected device and install your app. Once your app is installed, you can test it on virtual devices.

Testerup provides a web-based interface for each virtual device, which allows you to interact with your app just as a real user would. You can also take screenshots and videos of your app while it’s running on the virtual device, which can be very helpful for debugging.

Once you’re done testing, download the results of your tests from the Testerup website. Testerup will provide you with detailed logs of all the tests that were run and any crashes or errors that occurred.

Key Features of Testerup App:

  • – Earn over $800 directly after downloading this app.
  • – Choose from the largest assortment in the US area, orders that fit you exactly.
  • – You will be regularly invited to the latest products, websites, and app tests.
  • – Orders with multi goals allow you to achieve higher earnings through regular testing.
  • – Fast and secure payouts.
  • – Upgrade to a premium tester and earn special access to higher-paying assignments.

Final Words:

Testerup is an essential tool for any Android developer who wants to ensure that their app is compatible with many devices. With Testerup, you can quickly and easily test your app on real-world devices without worrying about buying or provisioning physical devices.

Testerup is easy to use and provides detailed logs of all run tests, making it an invaluable tool for any Android developer.

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