10 Apps Like Instagram That Are Awesome To Use In 2023

Undoubtedly, Instagram has been the real dominator in the social media photo-sharing category. In the beginning, it was popular amongst the upper class. After its acquisition by Facebook, it has spread all over the globe. You will see Instagram on every mobile device now.

The reason is its comprehensive features range from image sharing to doing business. Only on the play store, it has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. Due to its amazing interface and multiple options to give your photos an amazing appeal, it is not a must-have app on a mobile device. Despite being the most popular social media app, Instagram does not cater to all types of users.

There are other apps like Instagram, emerging in the market. Banking on a unique selling point, these apps not only maintain their uniqueness but also compete with giants like Instagram as well. It is human nature that we cannot live with the same thing for a long period.

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The same is the case with social media applications. Using the same app over and over again leads to monotony. For users who are keen to use different apps, we have enlisted some great alternative options in this category. These apps are just like Instagram, but they also have their unique features as well. Let us explore these apps in the next section.


If you see the functioning of Snapchat, you may say that it is almost the same as Instagram. That could be right to some extent but not in totality. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat is termed a secured social media app. You have all the control in your hand.

For instance, to whom you want to interact, to whom you wish to send your snaps, or to whom you want to share your special moments. The disappearing messages and snaps are its unique features.  You can find people with their user names. Also, you can import your contacts on Snapchat to be connected with them on this fantastic platform.


It would be right to say that Pinterest is the leading social media app in the photo-sharing category. The primary focus is on the photo content. As its name suggests, you can pin your favorite pictures on your dashboard. Apart from that, you can create some amazing designs and pictures on your customized boards.

You can also link these pins on external web pages to draw traffic. Pinterest has been the greatest contributor when it comes to the question of large traffic. User engagement on this app is extremely high. Overall, it is a great alternative to Instagram in many ways.


We all know that Tumblr is a microblogging website at its core. But, it has also enabled its social networking features as well. You can share your images and photos on it. Also, GIFs posting is another popular feature of this app. You can create a mix-up of short-form blogs on Tumblr by adding audio, texts, and infographics. On Tumblr, you can repost a piece of the blog from another account as well.

This increases its social networking capability. For bloggers, Tumblr has been a real sigh of relief to generate enough traffic. Not only it increases your traffic, but also enhances your brand awareness amongst the relevant users. In this way, Tumblr is the best fit as an Instagram alternative.


You would be amazed to know that Flicker is home to tens of billions of photos and above 2 million groups. It is one of the largest image-hosting and video-hosting websites in the US. Flicker is the destination for sophisticated and professional photographers to showcase their talent. You will find everything about professional photography, editing, equipment, and styles.

It is amazing to see HD pictures in such a large volume. Flicker service as a cloud storage app enables a lot of photography enthusiasts to save their precious work. Due to its professional nature, you will notice that this app is not that popular. Having said that, it is a great addition to this category.


At its core, Imgur is an image-sharing mobile application. The only difference is the type of content it publishes. Its focus is more on sensational gossip and interesting events. To be specific, Imgur is home to many memes and funny content. That is why its reach and popularity are significant.

Another plus of using Imgur is its compatibility with Reddit. You can embed a lot of links from Imgur on your Reddit posts. On Imgur, you will find original content. That is why Imgur is also offering image hosting services on its platform. You can create and share images and GIFs on Imgur. In that aspect, it is a good replacement for Instagram.


For any social media app, photos are the primary source of engagement and user retention. You indeed have significant options to edit and enhance your photos on Instagram. Despite that fact, there is a lot to improve. Retrica has just done that to be recognized as the best image editing app.

The key advantage of Retrica over its competitors is the number of filters it offers. With plenty of filters, you can transform an image into an attractive one. Also, its filter quality is greatly complemented by its external sharing options. Some users are not happy about its interface, but what you get as a result of the editing is what users enjoy.


From the user perspective, Flipagram is a near replica of Instagram in terms of its interface and functionality. With photo sharing, stories, videos, and other related options, it looks like a twin of Instagram. But, it has one unique feature which is not available on Instagram.

That is its video editing capability. You can instantly add audio and images to create a video clip. Also, you can share this on various external platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. With that kind of versatility and user engagement, Flipagram may climb up the ladder in the social media app category.


If you want to know what this app is about, you should pay attention to its name. Cluster is all about securing something. Similarly, in the online world privacy is all that we care about the most. We are exposed to too much online content and interaction, so securing our privacy has become a hefty task. Cluster ensures your privacy by enabling you to communicate in a closed environment. You can share your photos and videos on this platform but to specific and selected people. As we know that data breaches and privacy concerns are increasing day by day, Cluster could be a great option for those who want to switch from traditional social media apps to a more secure one.


According to statistics, TikTok is one of the leading social media apps in terms of popularity and content publication in the last few years. The majority of the user base of TikTok is under 30. TikTok enabled people to share their ideas and content easily.

The option of sharing short videos with editing has been a great plus for TikTok. Also, it is evolving with time to best fit as the next alternative to the biggest audio and video platforms. TikTok marketing, live TikToks, and other attractive features are adding more value to this platform. TikTok has become the next big thing in the social media app category.


For any Instagram user, Unsplash could be a blessing in disguise. Unsplash had too many options when it comes to the selection of images to project a certain idea. It contains a massive photo library with proprietorship. Unsplash allows you to use the images for personal and commercial use.

It has been claimed that more than 2.6 million photographers are contributing to their platform. Daily impressions and photo repository is increasing as well. If you are short of any ideas, you can search on Unsplash to find many. To get the best ideas, Unsplash would be a go-to option for any user.

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In this article, we have discussed various alternative apps like Instagram at length. Instagram is indeed the leading app in the social media image and video-sharing category. Having said that, other apps are giving tough competition to Instagram in many ways. We have discussed various important functional features of these apps in this article. All of these apps have something special in them.

For instance, Snapchat is all about customized snap-sharing. Simply, Pinterest is significantly dominating in traffic generation through amazing pins. The same is the case with other apps like Instagram we have enlisted here. We have selected only 10 main apps in this category.

If you have used these apps and want to add something, you are welcome. Also, you can suggest some more apps in this category that serve as a good alternative to Instagram.


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