Top 10 Apps Like Earnin With Cash Advance Options in 2022

You must have heard some motivational speakers comparing jobs and business for a living. They really emphasize on establishing a business instead of doing a job. It is true that business is far better than a job. Despite that fact, the majority of the people, around the globe, are job holders. They get their payment on a fixed day at the end of every month.

During the last days of the month, they get out of the cash due to expenses. Also, the exponential inflation makes it difficult for most of the people to maintain their cash flow. In worst case scenarios such as health emergencies or bill payments, they feel helpless due to lack of instant money.

Capitalizing on this issue, Apps like Earnin emerged to introduce a new business model in the finance category. If you do not have enough money and you want a small amount at the end of the month, apps like earnin will offer you instant cash without any interest or overdraft fee.

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Not every app offers advance cash free of cost. Therefore, you have to carefully select the apps which cost you less and solve your problem simultaneously.  In the next section, we have enlisted some of the amazing apps which offer instant cash with less complexities.


Dave is our first choice in the list because of its minimal fee for the service. Upon setting up direct deposit with Dave, you will be able to get your paycheck two days before the actual pay day. Also, this cash advance of up to $250 iis interest free. Dave does not charge any kind of minimum balance fee, ATM fee or overdraft fee. Only thing it charges is $1 as a monthly subscription.

Another great advantage of Dave is the building of your credit portfolio. Dave has partnered with LevelCredit to record your rent payments. This can be used as a credit score if you want to have loans and other benefits.

In addition to that, monitoring of your account is done by this app in order to keep you alert about expenditures in terms of priorities. Overall, it is a complete package if you need instant cash anytime.


As its name suggests, MoneyLion is a credible finance application that builds your credit profile. MoneyLion offers you advance cash of up to $250 without having an interest on it. Good thing is that you do not need to have a previous credit history to be eligible for the advance.

Upon meeting certain necessary eligibility, you will receive the amount in the account within minutes. For instance, your checking account must be active from the past 2 months and the account should be used for depositing money regularly.

To build a positive credit history, MoneyLion offers a Credit Builder Program. This program is not free as it can be availed with a monthly subscription fee of $19.99. You can get the loan of upto $1000 in installment under this program.


Apparently, Branch does not look like the name of a finance app. The key thing of a branch is not giving an advance cash but its impact on building healthy financial habits. With a branch, you can get 50% of your salary in advance. Branch does not charge any fee if you wait for three days under its normal service.

If you need money fast, you have to pay a certain amount as a fee. Branch releases funds into a digital wallet associated with it. Also, its CashFlow feature is an amazing tool to build strong and healthy financial habits.

One thing you have to consider before applying for advance cash, your employer must be registered with Branch as a partner. Otherwise, your request will be declined outrightly,


The primary service of FlexWage is to provide advance cash to the employees of registered companies. Another unique thing of FlexWage is facilitating the employees who do not have any kind of bank accounts. For such employees, companies do offer Paycards.

Funds can be loaded onto the card on payday automatically. For people, who work part time or on a temporary basis, this is a good option. With this feature of FlexWage Paycard, you can register for no credit check and you will get access to your cash without any compulsion of having a prior bank relationship.


If we compare Brigit with other contemporary apps, it is similar to Earning or Dave. It allows you to get $250 as an advance cash before your actual payday.

Also, Brigit offers a subscription plan with a $9.99 fee per month for larger amounts as loan. Its other key features are automatic overdraft protection, flexibility in paybacks, financial analytics and more. With its features, it is amongst the leading financial apps offering advanced cash.


With a slightly different approach, we can say that Chime is similar to Earnin or Dave. You can get an advance deposit into your account two days earlier than the dedicated payday. Chime also registers employers as partners. The different thing is that Chime validates the users with a Visa Card.

Upon signing up, you will receive a Visa Debit Card along with a Spending Account. If you want to save your money, you can set up a Savings Account as well

Speedy Cash:

Speedy Cash is really living up to the potential depicted by its name in terms of speed in delivering the advance amount. Also, it offers multiple types of loans. One such type of loan is Installment loans. You can get loans of up to $5000 in different chunks of installments.

Another type of loan is Title loans. Under this loan type, you can use your car as collateral and can get an advance loan ranging from $100 to $25000. A third type of loan is Online loan. You can get payday loans, installment loans and line of credit loans under this type. The whole process is online and you can get flexibility in these loan options.


PayActiv is a great solution for your month end problems such as emergencies, bill payments and unplanned purchases. With PayActive, you can get up to $500 before the payday. Without paying an interest or overdraft fee, you can get this advance cash.

PayActiv is similar to another finance application namely Daily Pay. PayActiv partners with the employer’s for that. It also offers a prepaid card. You can use this card for your in-store purchases or online payments. A large ATM network is integrated with PayActiv within the United States.


Digital technology has changed everything including banking. Current is an application developed considering the need of the future in mind. It is an online banking application which serves as a digital bank. Apart from getting an instant cash of $200, you can have services from a bank online. You can get the advance 2 days faster without any interest and overdraft fee.


Are you in need of instant money? What if you can get your salary in advance? Many payday loan apps give a minimum duration of just 2 days before payday. Upon qualification for this app, you can get $100 in advance. You have the freedom to choose your repayment date between the 3 and 28 of a month.

You can also have access to Cleo’s budgeting tool and digital wallet. Also, its weekly quiz gives you a chance to win cash rewards as well.

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In this article, we have discussed apps like Earnin. The primary business model of these finance apps is advance payments. Having partnered with the employers and companies, These apps offer instant cash before the actual payday. Apart from that, analytics and budgeting tools play a key role in spending your money wisely. Share your experience of such kinds of apps with us in the comment section.


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