Dragon City Free Gems – How To Get Them In 2022

Dragon City is one of the most popular game in many countries. Like all other good games, this game also gives you rewards and levels according to your performance in the game. Our today topic is about Dragon City Free Gems or how we get free gems in the Dragon City game. Let’s start! But remember we don’t encourage dragon city cheats or dragon city hack.

Dragon City Free Gems

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When you type the keyword “Dragon City Free Gems” on google, you encountered dozens of online generators for free gems. Most of the time, these fake methods don’t work and put you in disappointment. Our suggestion is to work hard to get all of the free gems and food in the game.

Usually, many players waste their gems on little issues instead of saving them for main things, so if you want to beat the big players of the game, work hard and follow our instructions written below. If you want to read more about the Dragon City game, then read the main article here.

Use of Social Media:

There are tons of social media pages & groups of dragon cities on the Internet. You can like them to earn some gems for future use. Dragon city game also started free rewards under a banner of daily calendars on Facebook, so go and get some flowers.

Monday Rewards:

If you are playing dragon city games from a PC, then we have good news for you in the form of a “Monday Rewards.” In short, you have to hit one of three buttons, and you will get different rewards on that button. In these different rewards, you can get either some elementary dragons, some gold coins, or win some free gems.

By Inviting Friends:

Like many big games dragon city also has an option to get rewards by inviting. Just invite your friends from the dragon city app and get some exciting prizes.

Dragon City Combat:

Usually, there are about 400 battles in a game league. To earn some real gems in free, players have to fight the battles against their rival player’s dragons. You can earn up to 6 gems after winning each fight in a league. To gain more than six gems, you have to win more than one match.

XP Points:

XP points are related to your experience in the game. In starting, new players don’t get experience or level up quickly in the game.  However, you can level up yourself by feeding and breeding dragons. You can also build prominent food forms for leveling up. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you level up; all matters is that you are going to get free gems in both ways.


In real life, we get gifts from our relatives and friends, so in dragon city, we also get gems to gift from our friends.

Dragon Book Collection:

It’s a straightforward way to get free gems, “Just complete a dragon book collection.”

Freebie Island:

There is a promotional platform for smartphone users called Freebie Island. You use that platform to earn some extra gems and gold coins. All you to do is to use their platform and complete the small tasks given by them.

Final Words:

The Internet is full of both scams and great things, so we advised you to be careful while searching for dragon city free gems. We advised you to stay away from these types of words like “How to hack dragon city” or “dragon city cheats” and read more about “what is hacked content here”. We hope that you will find our above methods genuine and ethical. Kindly give us your feedback if you want any enhancement in our content.

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