10 Best Alternative Apps Like Vola – Updated in 2022

Undoubtedly, everything revolves around money. That means earning enough money to drive your life’s ship smoothly. Despite that fact, only earning is not enough, you have to use that money in an efficient manner to get a sustainable financial profile and apps like vola will help you out.

Vola Finance is an example of that tool that takes care of everything related to your money. With Vola, you can get cash as loans in order to improve your credit scores. The key areas of Vola are savings and budgeting. It keeps an eye on the finances of the users.

You can borrow the advance of up to $300 in case your account balance is less than $35. Repayment of that advance is an easy process. Vola automatically deducts the borrowed loans from your integrated bank accounts. You can also pay the loan earlier than the decided date. The usage of Vola is totally free, but it only charges a monthly subscription to get advance payments.

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Vola is a safe and secure platform that does not compromise user data at all. Its other key features are ensured safety, help in tracking and managing expenses, and access to timely advance payments. In this article, we will discuss some alternatives for Vola Finance.


The Tagline of Brigit is “Get $250 Cash Advance”. It is a free financial application like Vola. With Brigit, you can get an instant cash advance of  $250. Apart from that, Brigit helps you to spend wisely, avoid unwanted expenses and increase your savings.

Without any credit approval or credit check activity, Brigit helps in building your credit scores. Credit scores are essential to get loans in the majority of the lending banks. So, you can get home credit, personal loans, and other loans based on that credit score. The duration of loan repayment is from 1 to 2 years. This is a long period of time but you can pay early as well.


Solo Funds:

This free application was developed by Solo Funds to cater to both the borrower and lender. The primary focal point of the Solo  Funds is to give a helping hand in emergencies like death, health issues, and financial crisis. It does not charge any fee or interest for this service.

As compared to banks, borrowing from Solo Funds is a way more easy process. It is a kind of bridge between lenders and borrowers. The platform is easy to use for a basic technology user. You can sign in with your Facebook or Google account to create an account. Another great thing about this application is its global access. You can borrow or lend money to anyone around the globe.


Branch is a digital wallet where you can get your pay before your payday. Basically, Branch integrates your salary account with its system and provides you money well before the salary day. You can also get a virtual debit card by Branch via Google Pay or Apple Pay.

You can use Branch as a normal online banking application where you can send, receive or spend money without much hassle. You can also shop online using Branch.


Hundy Inc. has developed this amazing application free of cost. When you need money, just go to Hundy to get instant cash. With a turnaround time of a few minutes, you can get an advance deposit in your account. You do not need any arduous and long process of completing a credit application.

Just log in with your Apple or Facebook ID on Hundy. After that, link your bank account with this platform. You can get an instant advance of $25-100 subject to the verification of your ID.


As its name suggests, this application empowers you with the timely availability of cash in emergency situations. Thai application lies in the list of high lending platforms. You can get instant cash of about $250 in advance with Empower. Amazingly, it does not charge any upfront fee or interest for that.

Empower also offers attractive weekly deals. If you get those deals, you can have cashback of about 10% on shopping online. Empower is not only a lending platform. Also, it monitors your spending trajectory and controls your unnecessary spending to save money.


It would be right if we say that Albert is a complete package to solve your financial issues. It deals with budgeting, saving, investing and banking. Albert offers numerous solutions to your monetary problems. Albert enjoys the services of leading financial experts who guide the users about credit cards, budget management and investment opportunities.

Apart from banking, you can build a robust financial portfolio to achieve your goals. The loan repayment is a very flexible process with Albert. It is a go to option for  many around the world.


Cash Net USA was developed by Enova International Inc. CashNetUSA deals with the credit issues of the users. With its convenient credits you can manage your credit score more efficiently. You can get loans in the form of installments as well.

It performs all the basic functions of a banking platform such as requesting refunds, balance check and payments. You can monitor your account as well with this app. You can set up an expenditure calendar on the app to streamline your spending.


Klover Holdings have developed this application for the users who got depressed in the last days of the month due to shortage of money. You can get your salary in your account before the actual payday. Klover integrates your bank account and the employer’s account on its platform.

Just link your salaried account with the Klover app for that. Not only does it provide advance instant cash, but also offers a budget management as well. You can track your monthly spending with respect to certain categories. This app also offers discounts and cashback on buying from designated brands.

Grid PayBoost:

On its core, Grid PayBoost is a cash advance application, but it also caters your taxation issues. It provides a cash advance of $250 on average. Also, you can calculate your upcoming year’s tax refund. The only thing you have to do is to integrate your account with Grid PayBoost.

It also offers you a range for selection when you want to have some money in advance. It does not share your personal financial application with anyone, therefore, it is a safe and secure application.


This is another free application developed by FloatMe. The key objective of this application is to enable users to have better financial management. In addition to that, prevention of overdrafts and saving the money are key advantages of using FloatMe.

After connecting your bank account with this app, you can enjoy its services. You can get your hands on your pay well before the payday in minutes. Its cash flow tracking is exceptional and keeps the record of each spending in accordance with its priority. So, you can keep your spending streamline.

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In this article, we have discussed the top 10 alternatives for Vola Finance. These applications offer you money in advance without charging any upfront fee or interests. Integration of your accounts with these apps is simple and easy.

What is the name of the app you are using to deal with your financial issues? Share your experience with us in the comment section.


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